Monthly Archives: April 2019

Passive Income

Wouldn’t you like to work for 8 hours and continue to earn money from that work over and over, again and again? That is basically what passive income is, doing something once and earning a residual income with little to no maintenance. Work once, earn repeatedly. The IRS has three categories for income: active, passive,… Read More »

How To Save For Retirement

One thing I was never taught in school was how to save for retirement. We were taught the basics in my schools accounting class, how to balance a ledger, how to write a check, etc,. Kind of told my age here! After doing a search and reading an article on personal finance in high school,… Read More »

How To Make Money Fast Online

Simple question – “How to make money fast online?”, simple answer – you can’t! Outside of using “” and “” as an advertising platform, much like print newspaper classifieds of old, to sell your old bicycle, car, old DVDs, furniture, etc., there is no – “make some money fast” online. What I mean by fast… Read More »

Legendary Marketer – Review

Product – Online Marketing Education. Website -“”. Price – $30 a month with up sells. Owner – David Sharpe. Overall Rank – ?. Legendary Marketer – What is it This is a platform built on teaching you internet marketing. Their tagline reads, “Online marketing education delivered simply and with integrity”. Sounds like a good program… Read More »