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How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing First of all, what is affiliate marketing? In short, it is a vary inexpensive way for companies to market the items or services they sell by offering commissions on sales to those that create the sales. How does one create a sale? The easiest way is by reviewing the item or… Read More »

Military Spouse Jobs

Today , being “military spouse appreciation day”, gave me the idea for this post – military spouse jobs. My niece had married a Navy man. They were here in the states for a short time, then stationed in Hawaii for a couple of years before her marriage went south. She had her nursing degree before… Read More »

Survey Junkie – A Fun Survey Site

What Is Survey Junkie As the name implies, this is an online survey site. It is a place to take surveys that affect marketing research. I am a member of “Survey Junkie” and have enjoyed participating in the surveys provided. I am not an affiliate of Survey Junkie although, they do provide a free affiliate… Read More »