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By | May 11, 2019

Today , being “military spouse appreciation day”, gave me the idea for this post – military spouse jobs. My niece had married a Navy man. They were here in the states for a short time, then stationed in Hawaii for a couple of years before her marriage went south. She had her nursing degree before marriage. Nursing is an occupation that is in demand anywhere you go but, relocating every 2 to 4 years makes it hard to get established. Both of my parents were military brats. In fact, they met in Burtonwood, England, and got married there.
So, I am familiar with the relocation woes indirectly.


The digital world we live in today has changed things for the better regarding resourcefulness. I’m sure that you have heard the phrase, “Google is your friend”. When we need an answer, or are doing research, we reach for our phone or computer and start typing in the search bar of a search engine. I am no different. Through my quick research on this topic – military spouse jobs, I found several helpful sites.

Helpful Programs

While looking over these sites, I was very impressed at the help and information they supply. They help link military spouses with companies seeking to hire them. These programs provide a well needed service for the military community.

I was rather shocked at the statistics mentioned on the “MSEP” site. The unemployment rate for military spouses is at 26%. The wage gap between military spouses and their civilian counterparts is 25%. 77% of these spouses want or need to work but, relocation hinders their effort in gaining and maintaining fulfilling employment. This, in turn, has a great impact on the quality of life for military families. It also has an effect on the readiness of the military force.

JOB – Just Over Broke

Although the programs mentioned earlier are great for finding employment, it is still just a “job” (just over broke). The word career makes it sound better but, you can have a career as a food service worker. See how I did that? Sounds good but, you are still just flipping’ burgers.

Other Income Sources

If you want to start a “Work from Home” business and live in base housing you need to know the rules, which vary from location to location. Again, if it is client based, relocation destroys the business.

If you are a creative soul and make things with your hands, or perhaps a photographer, or painter, there are sites such as Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Deviant Art, or even Ebay, where these can be sold. You can even set up your own site to market your items to not pay a commission or fee. These occupations can be done from anywhere so, relocation has little effect on them.

Survey sites such as “Swagbucks”, “Inbox Dollars”, or “Survey Junkie”, can net you some cash but, I don’t recommend them for a good source of income. Rebate sites such as “Ebates”, “BeFrugal”, “MrRebate”, etc., are great for saving money on your purchases but, cannot be considered an income source. It’s not really a rebate per se. The site is giving you a piece of the commission it earns from your purchase through their affiliate link. Very smart and lucrative concept!

Residual or Passive Income

If you are a writer or like to express yourself through writing, these are some suggestions that can turn into a residual or passive income stream.

E books – Anything from instructional or training to story telling, these can be sold on Amazon or voice recorded and sold on Audible.

Blogging – You choose the niche, which is unlimited, then monetize it through product reviews, or training, or even using YouTube or other video sites.

Affiliate Marketing – Start a blog and become an affiliate of any number of companies and promote their products or services. Just about every company that has products or services, has an affiliate program.

Now, these suggestions can be done from anywhere, as long as you have a computer or access to one, and an internet connection. You can be here in the states or stationed in Germany, doesn’t matter. Relocation will not bother these occupations. The greatest thing about the internet is that it works for you – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. The great thing about passive income is that you do the work once, and earn repeatedly on that work.

Training and Education

This all sounds great but, where will the training and education for these occupations come from, how long will it take, and more importantly, how much will it cost?

I will not lie to you. As with anything worthwhile, it will take effort on your part. What you get out of something is determined by what you put into it. How long will it take depends on the effort you put into it. How much will it cost, free to try it out and see if it’s for you. If you like it and decide to jump in, less than a cup of coffee a day.

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